Organizational Structure, Committees and Control Functions

Management Committee(s):

MANCO: The Management Committee acts as the steering body of BOK International. It provides a forum for discussing all relevant issues pertaining to the Bank’s ongoing activities and strategy. The Committee is chaired by the CEO of BOK International.

BOK International’s Management

The Board delegates the authority for the day-to-day management of the business to the Chief Executive Officer, who is supported by a qualified executive management team, and management committees. The CEO of BOK delegates authority to the CEO of BOK International to carry out all his responsibilities.

For detailed profiles of BOK International’s Management, please refer to BOK’s International’s website under “About” section.

For detailed profiles of BOK’s Management, please refer to BOK parent website

Control Function(s):

Risk Management & Compliance Department: This is an independent department within BOK International that act as the second line of defense and is responsible for risk management, regulatory compliance, internal compliance and AML/CFT functions. It is responsible for implementing the risk management and compliance frameworks at BOK International.

Internal Audit: This is an independent department stationed at the parent that will act as a third line of defense in the risk and control framework by providing independent and objective assurance on procedures and controls.