Message from Group CEOs

Mr. Faisal Abbas Fadl

Acting Group CEO, Bank of Khartoum

Bank of Khartoum (BOK) has served its clients in Sudan since 1913. Since then it has become a true legend and heritage of the Sudanese economy and culture in leading the banking sector in setting forward Sharia compliant products and services.

Bank of Khartoum has passed many milestones since its privatization, with differentiation and achievements in various segments in microfinance, consumer banking, SME’s, corporate and investments; making it paramount that our strategy develops towards setting a mark for the bank and its clients beyond Sudan and into the region.

With that ingenuity came the choice to open BOK International taking our footprint into the GCC and Bahrain in particular Faisal Abbas Fadl Acting Group CEO, Bank of Khartoum to embark on our first international presence to serve the BOK business vision.

The Kingdom of Bahrain being a financial hub, added to the fact of its renowned reputation as a leader in Islamic finance, and host to the largest concentration of Islamic financial institutions in the Middle East represented a strategic choice to establish our first branch abroad and a good gateway for our clients, existing and potential, to work with Bank of Khartoum through its new arm in Kingdom of Bahrain. BOK International upon its launch has been received with great enthusiasm and welcome. We look forward to being a trusted wholesale financial service provider and to take our banking model in its best to all our clients in BOK International in and beyond the Kingdom of Bahrain.


Chief Executive Officer, BOK International

We are proud to celebrate our first year of operations in the Kingdom of Bahrain as the first branch of Bank of Khartoum outside of Sudan.

The past year has been very challenging for BOK International, as we have been involved in implementing our core banking system, setting up the business functions, drafting our policies and procedures, and complying with all the stringent requirements of the Central Bank of Bahrain which includes ensuring our operations are in full and complete compliance with the Anti-Money Laundering guidelines as stipulated in the CBB’s Financial Crime Module under Volume 2.

We have also structured and tailored our Sharia compliant products that are being offered to meet the expectations of our prospective clients. Furthermore, as part of our organisation’s
objectives, we are trying to establish relationships with a number of new correspondent banks that will mark a new milestone in Bank of Khartoum’s more than 100 years of banking history.

We aim to become a model of excellence in providing our clients with world-class Islamic banking products and services both locally and internationally.